Electric power runs today’s modern world with utility companies playing an essential role to satisfy our high demand.

To accomplish this, power plant systems and machines must operate continuously and efficiently. Unfortunately, these units aren’t fool-proof. Parts wear down, causing systems to malfunction. It’s a problem utility companies can’t afford.

This is where Edison Machine can be a valuable resource for all your control valve and turbine components. Our company specializes in manufacturing and repairing components for companies across the power generating industry. Committed to speed and precision, our customer-focused team has supplied utility companies with expertly engineered, high-quality parts at competitive prices.

Edison Machine is a full CNC machine shop equipped with modern techniques and experienced knowledge to manufacture, repair, recondition, and reverse engineer control valve trim and turbine components. Edison Machine has developed one of the largest inventories of new authentic parts available for immediate delivery. Edison Machine has catered itself to the power generation field for nuclear, fossil, combine cycle power facilities.

Our company has been working with the majority of major utilities for decades and has an outstanding reputation with the utility industry.

Edison Machine will assure customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality products that meet or exceed our customer requirements. Edison Machine is an ISO-9001-2015 compliant facility and will track your order from start to finish assuring your items meet the highest quality possible.



Edison Machine will ensure customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality products that meet our customer’s requirements. Management is committed to continually improving the quality management system to ensure customer satisfaction.




We have a working relationship with Edison where we send them several valves throughout the year for refurbishing. We delivered one of these valves to Edison on December 19. But a few days later another valve failed and suddenly Edison’s routine valve repair had become an emergency. I called Edison on December 22 and told them I realized it was Christmas week, but we needed our valve repaired right away! Edison manufactured a new plug and stem assembly for the valve, replaced the software and gaskets, weld-repaired the seat and cage, reconditioned 22 nozzles, and got the refurbished valve back to us on December 27. Edison turned around our emergency valve repair in less than a week—Christmas week! Edison’s people worked through the holiday to help us out, and that’s customer service we truly appreciate. This emergency went textbook perfect.

Paul W.Nova Scotia Power

We have been working with the people from Edison Machine for a good eight years. Among the work they’ve done for us is reconditioning Fisher CAV-4 Boiler Recirculating Valves and several other types of Fisher control valves. Last summer they fabricated some new gears for a gearbox for us in only one and a half weeks. The OEM would’ve taken a couple of months to do that. We keep using Edison Machine because they can refurbish old parts, saving us 40% to 50% off the cost of buying new parts. Manufacturers are very reluctant to refurbish a used part. Their recommendation is typically to buy a new part. But the cost of new parts is substantially more than having the existing pieces refinished. To me, it just makes sense to use Edison Machine whenever I can.

Jim K.Omaha Public Power District

Just a short note to express the satisfaction that I have with the work that Edison Machine has done for Seabrook Station. My experience has been that your company has not only performed the requested tasks with high quality and within the desired time tables, at times based on our request, you have worked around the clock to meet our needs and then hand delivered the product to Seabrook. I am not aware of any quality issues related to the work you have provided to Seabrook. I can tell you, if there were, I would have been made aware of them. I say thank you!

Bob L.Nextera Energy

Edison Machine and its people have pulled us out of the fire in numerous situations. They have repaired Westinghouse, GE, and Cascade Yarway turbine valve parts for us many times, and their work has always been first-rate. The turnaround times we give to Edison are always very tight, and they always meet them. One time, we sent them a damaged valve part on Friday, Edison got it on Saturday, and we received the perfectly repaired part back on Monday. It’s always been a win-win between Edison and us. They do consistently outstanding work at one-half to one-third the time the OEM would take to do the same work. Edison’s quality workmanship and speedy turnarounds get us back up and running quickly, and that saves us money.

Scott H.Entergy

We have utilized Edison Machine services on multiple occasions since 2011. Their quality of work often exceeds our specifications. They perform an excellent service and are always able to complete a job in a timely manner. Edison Machine has performed work during outage time constraints. Edison Machine performs rebuild and reconditioning of used valve parts in addition to engineering and fabricating new parts from samples that were too damaged for repair. They are competitively priced and are able to do what we ask of them. I am pleased to recommend the services of Edison Machine.

Ryan C.