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Parts Inventory | Order Control Valve, Turbine Parts, and Pump Components

For decades, Edison Machine has been the trusted source for industrial parts. Our expert sales team helps meet the needs of clients in the nuclear, fossil fuel, and combined cycle power generation verticals. Our valve, turbine, and pump parts are precision-engineered to align with your intended use case, optimize equipment performance, and maximize uptime.

When you operate within the power generation sector, thousands of customers depend on your facility to provide consistent, reliable electricity. However, to do that, you need properly maintained equipment and the ability to access industrial parts fast.

With Edison Machine, you can access the pump, turbine, and control valve parts that you need when you need them.

As a leading provider of valve and turbine parts, we maintain an extensive inventory of standardized components for many of the top turbine brands. In addition to providing access to an extensive parts inventory, Edison Machine also has the ability to manufacture custom components.

Benefits of Our Extensive Parts Inventory

Edison Machine boasts one of the most extensive parts inventories in the nation. Consequently, partnering with our team to order industrial parts provides some exceptional benefits, including the following:

Expedited Turnaround Times

In the power generation industry, every minute of downtime translates to thousands in lost productivity. With such high stakes, you cannot afford to work with an unresponsive parts provider.

At Edison Machine, we offer expedited fulfillment and shipping times, which ensures you get the industrial parts you need fast. Depending on where your facility is located in relation to our warehouse, we can fulfill orders in as little as one day. We offer a variety of shipping options, including overnight and two-day, so you can select the approach that best aligns with your needs.

Accelerating the fulfillment and delivery of critical components helps you avoid costly catastrophes and get your equipment fully operational sooner. In turn, you can minimize disruptions to your operations, keep the profits flowing, and most importantly, provide stable, reliable power to your customers.

Don’t wait weeks for the parts you need. Turn to Edison Machine and let us deliver for your organization.

Reduced Costs

Edison Machine’s extensive parts inventory can help you reduce both upfront and back-end maintenance costs. In terms of direct cost savings, our extensive inventory allows us to quickly fulfill orders, thereby minimizing downtimes and reducing your profit losses.

Additionally, Edison Machine’s parts are manufactured in accordance with the latest quality and durability standards. Our parts are designed to last so that you can keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency. This results in lower maintenance, better reliability, and a reduced risk of future downtime.

Our extensive parts inventory also includes a variety of OEM components that may be difficult to find or obsolete. By including obsolete and hard-to-source parts in our inventory, we can better meet the needs of our power generation clients.

Sourcing these types of components from Edison Machine is far more cost-effective than ordering them from the OEM or attempting to prototype them using third-party machining services.

A Frictionless Experience

The world of control valve, turbine, and pump parts is incredibly complex. With dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of pieces of equipment, it can be extremely difficult to find precisely the components you need while also adhering to OEM quality standards.

Edison Machine maintains one of the largest parts inventories in the nation, enabling us to meet the needs of a wide range of power generation clients. Regardless of what make or model of equipment you use, we can help you find the parts you need.

Additionally, our experienced sales team is familiar with all of the top brands. They can help you navigate our extensive parts inventory and find the right components. This reduces the likelihood of misorders and decreases the chances that you will need to return your parts due to poor fit.

Access to Difficult-to-Find Components

Over the years, Edison Machine has amassed an inventory of new, authentic turbine components and control valves. By leveraging our in-house stock, we can better accommodate the needs of our customers, offer fast turnaround services on shipping, and minimize your downtime.

Our facility includes thousands of valves, pump parts, and turbine components, which are available at a competitive price point and are ready to ship. When you order industrial parts from Edison Machine, you can save thousands on components and prevent tens of thousands in productivity losses by minimizing your downtime.

All of our components are organized and easy to find thanks to our user-friendly digital catalog. In the event that you can’t find the part you need in our selection of thousands of components, we will reverse-engineer it and create a duplicate. Then we will add the part to our inventory so it is readily available to you in the future.

Parts Included in Our Inventory

Edison Machine’s parts inventory includes components such as:

Pump Parts

From entire pumps to pump packing and bushings, Edison Machine’s extensive inventory includes everything you need to repair your existing equipment or replace it altogether. A few examples of the pump parts in our online inventory include:

  • Sheave vacuum pumps
  • Slinger pumps
  • Pump packing
  • Pump bushings
  • Impeller pumps
  • Stop valves for boiler feed pumps
  • Ring Wear pumps
  • Pump cases
  • Rotary pump gaskets

Cumulatively, our inventory of pump parts includes dozens of options, such as valves, gaskets, and replacement pumps. In addition to providing a wide range of pump parts, we also offer repair, manufacturing, and refurbishing services.

We provide expedited turnaround times and can recondition your components to save you thousands and extend the service life of your mission-critical equipment.

Control Valve Parts

Edison Machine offers a broad range of control valve parts from top manufacturers such as Fisher, GE, Westinghouse, and many others. Our control valve parts inventory includes components like:

  • Valve diaphragms
  • Valve glands
  • Valve yokes
  • Gear boxes
  • O-rings
  • Plug valve controls

Our selection of control valve components includes hundreds of parts that can be used for repairs, reconditioning, or preventive maintenance purposes.

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive array of in-house control valve services, including repairs, reverse engineering, and general reconditioning. These services alleviate the workload on your staff and allow you to maximize the service life of your control valve components.

Turbine Parts

Edison Machine’s selection of turbine parts includes components from manufacturers such as GE, Gimpel, Quabbin, Spencer Turbine Co.Westinghouse, and more. Our selection of turbine parts includes:

  • Ring turbine packing
  • Turbine hex nuts
  • Ring turbines
  • Machined bushings
  • Turbine studs
  • Ring deflectors
  • Window-sight turbine bearing oil
  • Gaskets

With hundreds of components in our parts inventory, Edison Machine ensures you can access the components you need to optimize operational efficiency. Our reverse engineering services are particularly valuable, as they enable you to significantly increase the service life of your turbines and save tens of thousands in new equipment expenses.

Need to Order Industrial Parts? Contact Edison Machine

When you operate in the power generation industry, every second counts. The more time your equipment spends out of commission, the larger your profit losses and the worse the impact on your customer base. Prolonged downtime can be especially detrimental to both profitability and your company’s reputation.

Therefore, you need a trusted turbine, pump, and valve parts provider that understands the unique needs of your industry. You need Edison Machine.

Whether you are a first-time client or a long-time customer, you will find that we make it simple and painless to order industrial parts for your equipment. Our experienced sales team prioritizes delivering a frictionless experience by helping you find the components you need and expediting the shipping process. The end result is less downtime, better operational efficiency, and a higher quality of service for your clients.

If you need high-quality, precision-engineered components for your power generation equipment, search through our extensive online parts inventory, which includes thousands of options. If you need assistance locating a part or you require custom design services, connect with Edison Machine directly and we will be happy to help.