Impeller Pumps, Pump Packing Services, and Parts

Impeller pumps are tried-and-true pump styles that are capable of moving a wide range of fluids. However, despite the overall durability and reliability of impeller pumps, they can and will eventually wear down and require repair.

In such a scenario, it is vital that you have access to the repair services and parts you need to get your impeller pump back up and running, and at Edison Machine, we can meet and exceed all of your impeller pump needs. We provide pump-packing services and reconditioning, and we can also supply you with quality, precision-engineered replacement parts such as pump cases and pump bushings.

For decades, Edison Machine has served clients in a variety of industries, from power generation to construction, so no matter what style of impeller pump your organization uses or the industry it operates within, we have the expertise necessary to repair, recondition, or replace your equipment.

On top of being a full-service CNC machine shop, as well, Edison Machine is known for its exemplary customer service. We can offer expedited turnaround times on most orders so that you can get the parts you need when you need them most.

Our Impeller Pump Services

Many impeller pump service providers focus on only a few niche areas. Some simply provide parts, for instance, whereas others offer repair and reconditioning services. As part of our dedication to meeting all of our clients’ impeller pump needs, Edison Machine is proud to offer a full range of services that includes the following:


When we say that Edison Machine is a full-service CNC machine shop, we mean it. We can manufacture virtually any impeller pump parts at your facility, including pump bushings, cases, impellers, and shafts, so if you need a part for your impeller pump repair, we can probably make it. In fact, we may even already have one in stock so that you can get your equipment fully operational right away.

Making repairs and performing critical maintenance on your impeller pumps does not have to be a hassle. When you partner with Edison Machine, you can source any parts you need and rest assured that they were manufactured in accordance with the most stringent CNC machining standards. If a part is not flawless, it will never leave Edison Machine’s manufacturing floor.

Impeller Pump Repair

Like most organizations, your business likely tackles its simpler impeller pump repair projects in-house, but when a repair is beyond the abilities of your team, that’s when you call Edison Machine and let us handle the rest.

Whether your team does not know how to get your pump back up and running or they are simply stretched too thin, Edison Machine can assist with your impeller pump repairs. Ship your equipment to our facility, and we will get to work troubleshooting and repairing it right away.

Edison Machine can handle reconditioning, pump packing replacement, or a top-to-bottom pump overhaul, and we can even reverse engineer out-of-production parts and pumps to maximize the lifespan of your equipment. If your pump is beyond repair, we can ship you a new one.

Pump Packing

Pump packing is a cost-effective, efficient, and trusted method of sealing impeller pumps. Edison Machine uses modern compression packing materials to reseal damaged or worn pumps. Some of the materials we use include synthetic fibers, graphite, and carbon.

Replacing your aging packing with new materials can promote better pump reliability and efficiency, and our pump packing pros will carefully install the material to minimize leakage and enhance the performance of your equipment.

Since pump packing is far more affordable and efficient than traditional packing strategies, we can perform the service quickly and get your pump returned to your facility in no time.


Reconditioning is a valuable service that can help you prevent equipment breakdowns and extend the service life of your impeller pumps. When providing impeller pump reconditioning, a certified Edison Machine technician will meticulously disassemble your equipment, clean its parts, identify any damaged components, and replace them to prevent future malfunctions.

Impeller pump reconditioning is a great cost-saving service, as our skilled team can get your equipment operating like new while keeping your total investment to a minimum. Reconditioned pumps not only operate more efficiently, but they are less prone to failures as well.

Edison Machine can provide reconditioning service for pumps that are currently in production, as well as older models that are no longer being manufactured. Should we encounter a discontinued part that is beyond repair, we can reverse engineer a replacement.

Reverse Engineering

On the subject of reverse engineering, Edison Machine’s reverse engineering services truly differentiate us from other CNC machine shops. Through these advanced manufacturing techniques, we can design and manufacture out-of-production components for impeller pumps.

If you have been searching for replacement parts for your equipment but can’t seem to find what you need, Edison Machine’s expert engineers can help. Simply connect with our team, let us know what parts you are looking for, and we can provide you with detailed information about our reverse engineering services. Once our engineers design and manufacture your part, they will retain the specs in case you need to order additional similar parts in the future.

Why Edison Machine

Edison Machine is a full-service CNC machine shop that is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Our talented team uses modern techniques and our wealth of industry knowledge to provide a broad range of impeller pump services.

By partnering with Edison Machine, your organization can accomplish the following:

Increase the Lifespan of Impeller Pumps

Impeller pumps are subjected to rigorous, everyday use. Therefore, if you want to maximize the service life of these mission-critical pieces of equipment, you need to adhere to a stringent maintenance schedule. Edison Machine can take the hassle out of routine maintenance by providing you with high-quality but affordable impeller pump parts, including pump cases and pump bushings.

Should your impeller pumps encounter an issue that is outside of the scope of your in-house maintenance team’s capabilities, Edison Machine can provide comprehensive repair services. Our team of machinists can install new pump packing, recondition equipment, replace damaged parts, and if necessary, manufacture a replacement pump.

Decrease Operational Downtime

Sourcing parts from their original manufacturer (OM) can take days or even weeks, and sending your impeller pumps back to the OM can take even longer. All the while, your organization will incur costly downtimes and fall behind its productivity goals.

Edison Machine decreases downtime by providing you with access to a broad range of impeller pump parts and components. We also offer expedited repair and reconditioning services so that you can get your vital equipment back up and running fast. When every second counts, Edison Machine should be the only team you call.

Reduce Operating Costs

OM parts are not only difficult to find, but they can also be incredibly expensive. If your impeller pump is no longer supported by its manufacturer, you may be forced to replace it, even if it has years left in its service life. These unnecessary costs can cut into your profit margins and negatively impact your bottom line, but fortunately, Edison Machine offers a better way.

With the support of our expert team, you can extend the service life of your impeller pump, slinger pump, or shaft pump, as we can provide you with quality parts that meet OM specifications. Even if we don’t have the parts you need on hand, we can reverse-engineer them. By partnering with Edison Machine, you can save time and keep your impeller pump maintenance costs in check.

Contact Edison Machine to Learn More

When you need parts, service, or repairs for your impeller pump, shaft pump, or slinger pump, Edison Machine is here to help. Our comprehensive lineup of repairs, reconditioning, and manufacturing services allows you to reduce your maintenance costs, extend the service life of your essential equipment, and proactively decrease periods of downtime.

Edison Machine also provides a wide range of other repair, reconditioning, manufacturing, and reverse engineering services for turbine components and control valve trim. To learn more about the scope of our services or speak with a team member, contact Edison Machine today. We look forward to assisting with your impeller pump needs.


Edison Machine Manufactures, Repairs, and Supplies Replacement Parts for Control Valves, Turbines, and Pump Applications. Edison Machine takes pride as being one of the quickest turn-around centers in the country.

Edison Machine could repair or manufacture items (Most repairs within days) when situations arise such as unexpected outages or even planned outages with short time frames. When you need something on an expedited base Edison Machine could be very advantageous to your station.

Edison Machine will cater to your company’s needs when your station is under deadlines so you don’t have to be.